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Application Instructions

Your Vinyl lettering consists of 3 layers:
Layer 1 Application Tape
Layer 2 Vinyl
Layer 3 Backing Paper

Materials Required:
1" Wide Masking Tape

All Surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and dried to avoid dust and oil. The cleaner the surface, the better your vinyl will adhere.

1 2

Place your lettering in position then evenly apply a strip of masking tape along the top edge of the vinyl. The masking tape will create a hinge to secure your vinyl during application.

Lift up your hinged lettering from the bottom and remove the backing paper. Do not allow your vinyl to make contact with the surface. Put backing paper to one side, as you will need this later.

3 4

While still holding the hinged lettering away from your surface, use the application squeegee to slowly apply your lettering. Start at the top centre and slowly work downwards, applying pressure with smooth, even strokes.

After you have pressed firmly over the total area, start removing the application tape (top layer) to reveal your lettering. Start at one corner and peel back slowly.

To ensure that your vinyl has stuck firmly to the surface, place the leftover backing tape over lettering (glossy side facing the vinyl) and squeegee. It is common that you will have a few air bubbles. Simply puncture them with a pin and squeegee again. Air bubbles usually disappear within a matter of days.

Congratulations! You have now successfully applied your sign!